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VR & AR Technology

We provide advanced XR solutions with our global partner VRMADA where we develop accurate immersive simulations that can help defence & aerospace organizations to train across the tactical, strategic, and operational levels.

Unique Solutions: 
|XR Training Software Development
|Real-Time tracking systems
|End-to-End Integration Services
|XR Expert Consultancy
|Train-the-Trainer program


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Adopting immersive learning can cut costs throughout an organization including employee travel, transporting equipment, and facilities

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A compelling advantage of immersive learning is the ability to learn from mistakes without costing an organization money or machinery or jeopardizing employee safety.

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Virtual simulations help companies analyze and optimize the performance of equipment and processes in real-world operating conditions.

VR training reduces the occurrence of workplace injuries by 43% (Chaos Theory Games, 2020)*.

*Source: financesonline

The use of VR technology has enabled Airbus to reduce the duration of maintenance processes by 25% (Airbus, 2019)*.

Boeing improved training time by 75% by implementing VR technology. (LightReading, 2017)*.

VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%) (FrontCore, 2020).*

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