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Organisation Design & Alignment

Companies accelerate the transformation from Conventional to Hybrid Organisation Structures.

We helped many organizations to improve their organisation structure or completely re-create from scratch for better system alignment and business results. In most cases, organisation design project decision comes up for a reason i.e. top management change or sudden costly failures.


Current reality made it quite clear, people would work remotely even in very conventional industries and conservative companies. Another punch line is that "people dependent systems" with high tacit knowledge are fragile and failed when key people are sick and unavailable.

There are quite a lot of reasons why you should launch transformation due to the new normal and ignoring them would be very costly. If you see the below symptoms in your organisation you should consider organisation restructuring immediately.

  • Low staff engagement due to poor remote working system.

  • Corporate system and organisation structure misalignment.

  • Unclear remote working requirements.

  • Unclear roles & responsibilities.

  • Unclear remote and physical job definition.

  • Process bottlenecks and poor Backup Planning 

  • Low staff motivation, lack of confidence, poor team bonding.

  • Lack of coordination, lack of commitment for deadlines.

  • Siloed teams and resistance to accepting accountability.

  • Skill gap, under-utilised skills & resources.

  • Low responsiveness, slow reactions to changing customer requirements.

Real and Smart Results

+15%  Efficiency Increase

+50% Team Engagement

Success Story - Organisation Design & Alignment

at Hutchinson PFW Aerospace


We worked comfortably, where they had pro-active solutions.

Hutchinson PFW Turkey Aerospace

GM - Tevfik Günhan

Hutchinson PFW - Defense & Aerospace 

Our Organisation design experience and proven methodology provide high productivity increase and improve employee engagement!

We helped numerous clients facing structural organisation design issues.



If you believe your organisation needs a structure for effective team-work, you may want to hear about our know-how & experience.

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