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Changing business imperatives, newly adopted processes & tools, or simply growth of your company necessitates rethinking how it needs to be organised.


We know starting an organisation design exercise by drawing boxes and lines is not going to satisfy expectations. That is why TrueNord consultants follow a proven organisation design methodology to design what could be your company’s competitive differentiator. Our consultants will start from understanding your mission & vision and changing business imperatives. And they will progress with a standard set of steps to formulate your best organisational options and will help your HR functions to communicate and execute the change.

  • Low staff motivation, lack of confidence or drive, poor team bonding

  • Low employee engagement

  • Lack of coordination, lack of commitment for deadlines

  • Siloed teams and resistance to accept accountability

  • Unproductive conflict & excessive friction among internal groups

  • Unclear roles & responsibilities

  • Skill gap, under-utilised skills & resources

  • Low responsiveness, slow reactions to changing customer requirements

We have deep knowledge of organisation design with our proven tools and combine our practical experience for delivering successful execution.

Process & Organisation Alginment Mapping

Span of Control Evaluation

Macro & Micro Organisation Design



Organisation Maturity Assessment

Change Readiness Survey

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