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Achieving competitiveness, velocity and agility in supply chain is challenging for all. It requires holistic understanding of how integrated supply chain (ISC) works, risk impacts and trade-offs in the entire value chain. Strategies, processes, organizational skills, technologies, risk management plans all need to be aligned to make a collaborative eco-system work.


Truenord’s supply chain management expertise embraces process oriented thinking and focuses on the entire value chain. While it practically comes down to maximizing delivery capability at lowest cost, our consultants are aware that conflicting objectives and lack of collaboration among actors prevent companies delivering to the most fundamental expectations. We use unique approaches and use ISC solutions not only by integrating company operations with customers & suppliers, but also with internal functions such as marketing, sales, IS & finance. TrueNord's experience proves that even modest improvements throughout ISC often have high cumulative impact on profitability and market share.


Over years, our consultants have helped clients to maximize value and create a highly competitive, customer-driven, agile supply systems, which felt like well-conducted orchestras. Please contact us to learn more about how our specific experience can help you impact bottom-line results.


  • Long Supply Chain Response Time

  • Inventory Record Accuracy

  • BOM Accuracy MBOM vs PBOM

  • SKU Proliferation & Complexity Management

  • Obsolescence & perishing of goods

  • Logistics Optimisation

  • Unclear Supply Chain Parameters

  • Poor Internal Logistics, Material Routing & Layout

  • Low Product Availability

  • High Cost to Serve

  • Stock-Out

  • Low Inventory Turnover

  • Material Shortage

  • Late Delivery

  • Lack of S&OP Process

  • Poor Allignment & Collaboration

  • Unplanned Production Stoppages

  • Non-moving Stock

  • Poor Quality

  • Additional unplanned costs

  • Express Transport & Expediting

  • Insufficient Supplier Quality

  • Insufficient Supplier Collaboration

  • Poor Supplier Relationship Management

  • Increased PPV (Purchased Price Variance)

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supplier Performance Management

  • Supply Network Optimisation

  • Capacity Planning

  • High "Steps and Touches"

  • MRP Effectiveness

  • Demand-Order Management & Production Planning

Our proven tools, together with our knowledge and expertise in execution will help overcome integrated supply chain issues.

Sales & Operations Planning

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Frozen Schedule

Pull vs Push

Inventory Optimisation


Cycle Counting

SC Modelling & Simulation

Strategic Sourcing & Negotiation

Supplier Rating

TCO Modeling

Should Cost Modelling

Management PDCA

Business Process Reengineering


Span of Control

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