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R&D Management

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Research shows over 80% of new CPG product (consumer packaged goods) launches fail within 24 months following introduction. Similarly, a large number of durable goods launches will generate negative returns even after 24 months from launch.


TrueNord’s experience confirms NPD is not about developing a product, but it is developing and executing a sound business model. Besides employing robust R&D or product engineering capabilities, success in NPD requires staying on the top of all parameters that impact break-even. Target volume and pricing, cost of development, production, distribution and after sales costs have to be managed thoroughly in highly competitive environments. Building the capability necessitates minimised gaps between the competence centre that develops products and the rest of the organisation.


Over years, TrueNord has developed a holistic approach bringing best ingredients for successful NPD and product introduction journeys. Our consultants have identified and delivered substantial improvements in the R&D and product engineering spaces. We have accumulated know-how in lean R&D and product development transformations. Please contact us to learn about insights we could provide on performance improvement through NPD and R&D transformations within CPG, defence, automotive and durable goods industries.

Our proven tools, together with our knowledge and expertise in execution will help overcome New Product and R&D issues.

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  • Long Time to Market

  • Product Development Schedule Overruns

  • Development Cost Budget Overrun

  • Unsuccessful Product Introductions

  • Loss Making Products

  • High Development Costs

  • High Warranty Claims

  • Disconnected Engineering Planning with the Rest of the Business

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