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TrueNord started serving clients in the United Kingdom.

We would like to share this exciting news with valued clients & partners.

TrueNord UK office will deliver value to our clients in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. We are pleased to offer our execution focused consulting services in the UK.

TrueNord’s presence in the United Kingdom is driven by our global expansion strategy as well as a solid demand from our client base. TrueNord UK will deliver value to those companies that tackle profitability & growth challenges. TrueNord will help corporate clients as well as advanced technology start-ups in the UK.

TrueNord is a consulting & technology company, specialized in solving complex business challenges. TrueNord delivers sustainable performance improvements by connecting strategy, people, processes & technology. Consulting practice delivers execution, impacts profitability & growth. Analytics & Technology solutions reinforce consulting mission & provide customized digital solutions.

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